Mailinator Subscription Plans

Upgrade your Mailinator access to get your own Private Domain (every possible inbox is accessible), API access, higher rate limits, and more!
  • Millions of Public Inboxes
  • Receive Only
  • Personal Use Limits
  • No Privacy - All Inboxes are Public
  • Email arrives Instantly!
  • AutoDelete - emails last a few hours
  • POST Messages into Mailinator
  • No Signup or Login - just use it!
Team Plus
$159.00/mo       [Billed Yearly]
  • Unlimited Private Inboxes*
  • Your own Private Domain with permanent storage
  • 2,000 Email reads per day
    That's 60,000 per month!
  • Access via Web, API, Message Rules, or Webhook
  • POST Messages from Twilio, Zapier, and more!
  • 5 Team Accounts
  • Full statistics
  • Email Support
Customize Your Plan for:
  • Unlimited Private Inboxes
  • Unlimited Private Domains
  • Private SMS numbers
    1000 Message segments/month
  • Unlimited Email reads per day
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Team Accounts
  • Phone/Email Support
  • Loadtesting: Verify email receipt at 1000's emails/sec

*With Mailinator, you never need to "create" inboxes. ALL inboxes at your Private Domain are always available. That's Trillions of email addresses ready for you to use!
Basic Team Plus plans include 2,000 email reads/day; 20,000 email sends/day; 20,000 API calls/day; Max Rate 2 API calls/sec; 50MB Storage. Overages to Plan Limits are: Per additional lot of 2,000 email reads/day, 20,000 sends/day, 20,000 API calls/day - $100/month.    Enterprise Plans can be customized to your Company's needs.